Bunkerline Bears

If it can be sewn, you can have a bear made out of it.

Largely self-taught, Simon has been making one-off and verylimited edition collectors teddy bears for over 10 years. He works primarily in Mohair, using traditional glass eyes and split-pin joints. In a departure from tradition, Simon does not use wood wool for filling, as he does not want anybody to have to suffer ‘saggy bear full of sawdust’ syndrome. By using synthetic stuffing, the bears will outlast their maker and still have their same character when that happens, assuming they haven’t gained more character on the journey…  Not limited to Mohair, other materials used have included Alpaca, synthetic fur, fur coats, velvet, cashmere and even pillowcase ticking! 

Several of Simon’s bears have been used in a national (possibly Global) advertising campaign, the details of which are still covered by a non-disclosure agreement… Simon found the two-way process of working with the passionately creative people within the advertising industry behind an astonishing number of exceptional campaigns hugely rewarding and enjoyable.